Friday, April 18, 2008


* The Promotion is EFFECTIVE from 1st March 2008 onwards.
* The minimum subscription period for COMBO package is 12 MONTHS.
* New fixed line and Streamyx customer will need to fill in the Fixed line application form as usual and fill in COMBO application form.
* Existing fixed line customer need to fill in COMBO application form only.

* For new fixed line customers, they will get NO fixed line rental for the first 3 months prior to Streamyx activation. In the event that Streamyx cannot be given (waiters/demand status), on the 6 weeks, customer care will inform customer and counter offer with other packages should Streamyx service not available for customer. Deposit of RM75 and installation fees is borne by customer. Connection fee of RM50 shall be waived.
* Streamyx Combo is NOT applicable for Home Prepaid customers. If they wish to subscribe, they need to convert their Home Prepaid to fixed line (TM Homeline).

* For Streamyx 2Mbps & 4Mbps, service available in selected area in Klang Valley, Putrajaya, Penang and Kulim. Service is subject to technical testing during installation.
* Streamyx In-the-Box and online registration is NOT applicable for Streamyx 2Mbps & 4Mbps.
* There will be no modem to be given to the customers (except 2Mbps & 4Mbps) but warranty will be extended to customer’s existing modem.

* Voice offerings are subject to service tax of 5%.
* For existing fixed line customers, the fixed line rental will be charged as per normal prior to Streamyx activation. No fixed line rental and call plan will be effective on the next bill date.
* Customer can start enjoying Voice Plan on the next TM Homeline bill date after Streamyx service is activated. The voice charges before such notification(s) will be treated as normal charges.

1. "NO fixed line rental for the first 3 months" What does it mean? Is the rental RM60 waived for first three month but line rental will charge or how?
==> if customer is newly register for Fixed Line, then theres no RM25 fixed line rental for the first 3 months before COMBO Streamyx activated. Will start to charge customr RM60 per month after Streamyx activated.

2. "Streamyx cannot be given (waiters/demand status)". Let say my client able to get phone line, but Streamyx not able to support, can the client cancel the COMBO package?
==> Yes, customer allowed to cancel the fixed line after be informed that area unable to support Streamyx.

3. Here are the first month charges for COMBO Package:
Fixed Line(if newly register): RM75(Deposit) + RM50(Connection Fee) + RM10(Stamp Duty Fee) = RM135 ==> will charge under first month Telekom bill after Streamyx activated.
** RM30~RM50 installation fee will need to pay on the spot to the constractor after fixed line installed.
** The RM75(Deposit) + RM50(Connection Fee) will not be charged if Streamyx failed to apply(eg. that area not support for Streamyx). Then customer allowed to cancel the fixed line after be informed that the Streamyx unabl to support.
Streamyx first month bill: RM75(Activation fee) + RM88(installation-optional) + RM10(Stamp Duty Fee) + (monthly charges X 2)

For details kindly contact En. Adi 012-2184870 or email


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